To Get A Driver's License In California You Must Be ___ Or Older If You Are Considered An Adult At The Time Of Application.?


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You must be 18 years of age or over to apply for a driver's license in California. However, you are allowed to apply for a provisional license from the age of 15 and a half, as long as you are able to provide details such as your date of birth, your current full name, the name that you were born with should it be any different, and your social security number.

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You will also be required to have a print taken of your thumb, and a photograph taken of your face, both for future identification purposes. After filling in an application form known as the DL 44, you must ensure that it is signed by either your parents or your guardians if you are under 18.

Before you are allowed to have your permit, you will also need to pass a series of tests to ensure that you are capable of being a safety conscious driver. Before you can sit these you must pay an application fee, which allows you to sit sit the two exams, plus resit one should you need to. The tests must be passed in 12 months, or else the whole application process needs to be started again from the very beginning.

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An eye test and traffic laws test make up the two exams that you need to sit; to pass the traffic laws one, you must be able to answer a minimum of 39 answers out of 46 correctly, with three attempts allowed at it in one setting. Should you fail this, you will find that you will need to wait a week before you may re-sit it, allowing you some time to do the extra revision needed.

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