What Are Idioms?


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English language is replete with idiomatic use of sentences. Idioms, actually are the core of any language, its application in colloquial beautifies the whole language while using them we have no authority to change its wording or real structure. to make out their proper use, some important idioms and their uses in sentences are stated below.
Above All: I like all my cousins, but above all Sara.
Beat about the bush: Do not beat about the bush, come to the point.
Behind the scenes: We don't know what is going on behind the scenes.
Care about: I do not care about the ideas of other people about me.
Dog's life: As living there, he is living a dog's life.
Get rid of: I want to get rid of my useless friends.
Let off: The judge let the shopkeeper off with a fine.
In time for: Ali is in time for the high post.
Let Down: He is your best friend, he will never let you down.
More or less: They have more or less built the house.
White Elephant: To us this car is just like a white elephant.
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An idiom is a sequence of words which have a different meaning in group from the one they have separately.  For example, when you say "something smells fishy" you don't really mean that there is a horrible smell, but that there is something in a situation that seems to be strange.

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