How Hard Is Calculus 2 Vs Calculus 1?


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If you thought Chain Rule was hard to get used to in Cal 1, you're going to have some trouble in Calculus 2 (but not so much if you practice), since the methods applied in Integration aren't so straightforward... You need to be much more cunning. However, if you're fast at "catching patterns" in a way that   1- you just need to do one, two, or three examples to finally get the concept of a method that the teacher showed you (E.g: Chain rule, implicit differentiation, one type of problem in related rates) 2- you barely take any notes in a 75-minute Cal 1 class because manipulating those methods is easy and you're comfortable with it.   3- you seldom do all the homework assigned because you feel the problems are redundant ---   then, Calculus 2 will be much more interesting than straightforward differentiation and just as easy. If you aren't fast at catching patterns, practice is the key!
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Like most math classes, there is a progression as you work from one class to the next. If you learn the material in each class, the next one is no harder. It will have new concepts and demand that you memorize new material, just as you have been doing throughout your math experience.

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