Why Is Family Life More Important Than School Life For Teenagers? What Are The Supporting Points?


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For teenagers family life is much more important then the school life because, via only the family life they can respect each other feelings. A good and cooperative family can make a powerful and determinant person.The persons, who don't have family life, can't remain satisfied in life. Life of schools taught us the education of books, but the family taught us humanity, respect and feelings, which school can't.

It is the common survey that, the children who study in boarding or some hostels are very cold minded but children who have pended good family life they are very friendly in nature.
Life outside home is materialistic. There is no one that much friendly, and understandable then your family members. Parents are the one whose love and affection can give you much more confidence and make you a proper and good human in the society.

At the teenager stage, children need much more attention and guide ness, they have many questions in there mind, which must be answered correctly in right manner, which only there parents or elder brother and sister can give. Parents or brother, sister never show wrong track, while the so called school or collage friends can show, like drugs or alcohol for releasing tension.
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You can't actually say that family life is more important for a teenager than school life and vice versa.Both of these are equally important.

But I do understand that right now you are just looking for points that support family life more than the school life.

Family life is good because this is where a teenager learns his basic manners from.

Due to this reason its very important for parents to provide their children with a good family life. Parents who have an abusive relationship usually have children who are either abused by people later on since they can't stand up for their rights or turn out to  be sadists inflicting. These are some basic things that your school can't help you out with since you spend more time at home than in school.

You learn to respect, love and care from your home.No matter how much time you spend completing your degrees, if you count you'll easily see that you still spend more time at home. Of course all that time has an effect on you.It could be good or bad both depending on what you have to experience at your home with your family.
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Family life is far more important for teenagers. Sometime they do not realize it, then when they become mature adults, they definitely learn that family is most important. Too often parents have not earned the right to be more important...so sad. Every family as a group needs to support each other, including teenagers. I believe that most teenagers know and love that their family is the important in their lives. I pray that they will. Thanks for your questions.

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