How Do You Write 75 Dollar On A Check?


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Write 'Seventy-five dollars only' after the person whom you are to pay. Write the number '75' or '75.00' in the box next to the dollar sign ($). The worded version of the number is written out in full in case your handwriting makes it difficult to read the figures. If you were writing cents out in a future check, ensure you write the figure out of a hundred; $75.66 would be written 'Seventy-five dollars and 66/100'. In Philadelphia, PA, the Federal Reserve Bank has an ongoing exhibition called 'Money in Motion', where visitors can learn the story of central banking in America. It is absolutely free, and allows you to trace the changes in the American dollar in the last five hundred years. Examine a rare $100,000 bill, test your skill at operating a bank by correctly answering questions that advance you from trainee to investment manager, Learn the Federal Reserve's role in maintaining national financial stability, especially in the days following the September 11 attacks. The centrepiece of the exhibition is the 25-foot tower of shredded bills totaling $100 million, as well as a currency cart representing $1,350,000 in $5 bills. It also offers visitors a chance to test their skills at detecting counterfeits and learn about the new security features on the latest currency. Match wits with Benjamin Franklin and test your knowledge of money and take home a bag of shredded currency as a souvenir. The exhibition is open from 09:30 until 16:30 on weekdays and, in summer, is open until 16:00 on weekends.

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