How Do You Spell Maintenance?


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There is really no need for you to ask this question because your spelling of the word 'maintenance' is completely correct.

The word maintenance can have quite a number of different meanings depending on what context it is used in. Over the years, it now carries both professional connotations for example a Maintenance Coordinator, and also slang connotations when one refers to someone as being high maintenance.

If someone refers to another person as being high-maintenance, they are using the word in a slang phrase and this means that they require a lot of attention from people. The meaning of this phrase comes from its use of describing a machine that requires a high amount of maintenance and attention to ensure that it functions properly.

The word maintenance can also be used when referring to child maintenance or child support which is a type of payment that is made to support the child or children in cases where a relationship or marriage has terminated.

Maintenance can also refer to 'feudal maintenance' where under feudal systems, government maintenance was payment to soldiers who fought under the command of their Lord. This system was most commonly present in the late 15th century.

In the biological science field, the word maintenance can refer to 'maintenance respiration' which refers to the metabolism that occurs within an organism in order for that organism to maintain a healthy living state. The maintenance of an organism can also refer to the series of processes that it undergoes in order to stay alive, not including any production processes.

When maintenance is used under any other context, it usually refers to the upkeep of a vehicle or machine for example, auto maintenance refers to inspecting and testing the functions of parts of a car to see if they are in full working order and replacing or repairing any that are not.
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According to merriam(webter that is) it is just like you spelled it...
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You have spelt it right don't worry.
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