What Is The Lowest Prime Number?


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The lowest prime number is 2.
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The lowest prime number is two because it has only two factors, one and 2 (itself) which is what a prime number is.
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2 is considered to be the lowest prime number because 1 is a common factor to all numbers and is considered insignificant
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2      one is niether prime or composite    two only has two factors.. One and itself
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Number 2 is considered the lowest or smallest prime number. 1 is of no significance because all numbers have 1 as a factor. 0 is not a factor of any other number
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why is the number 2 a prime number
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2 is prime because it meets the definition of a prime: it is a positive integer only divisible by itself and 1.
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If you don't count 0 or 1(both prime). You awnser is 2. 3 is prime. 4 is not. 5 is.6 not. 7 is.8 not.9 not.10 not. 11 is.12 not 13 is. 14 not.15 not.16not and so on and so on.

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