What Are Congruent Shapes?


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Congruent shapes are two shapes that are equal in either three categories sss sas or asa. Sss standing for side side side which means that all sides are equal to the other shape. Sas meaning two sides are equal and an angle is equal to the other shape. And finally asa meaning two angles and one side is equal two the other shape
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Congruent means similar, so congruent shapes means shapes which are similar. Shapes are said to be similar if and only if their ratios of corresponding sides are equal or similar.
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Congruent means the exact same size and shape. Congruent shapes are different from similar shapes. What you described are similar shapes.
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Congruent shapes are defined as shapes that are equal in size and shape. Congruence of two shapes is determined by the measure of their angles and sides. Thus, if the corresponding angles and sides of two shapes are equal, they will be called as Congruent shapes.

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