Where Can I Find The Eye Exam Chart For Missouri Drivers License?


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There isn't anyone one specific eye chart test to obtain a driver's license in Missouri, I guess because it would be easy for people to memorize it online and simply recite the letters when it came to the real vision test. However, it may well look like this:

The person who put this up online at doesn't say if they are from Missouri, but does offer advice on passing an eye test.

In Missouri, you must pass an eye test if you are applying for a driver's license for the first time, or if over 6 months have elapsed since your license expired.

If the test reveals you have a defect in your vision (maybe you're a little short-sighted but hadn't realized), you will be referred to a vision specialist to get your eyes checked out properly and once the results from this test come back, you should be able to continue the application.

If your vision is found to be seriously defective, your driving may be restricted - you could be barred from driving at night, for example.

Several sites offer advice on passing your test in Missouri. Try,, or for mock tests and memory aids.

If you'd like to know what a Missouri driving test looks like on the road, then let this YouTube user guide the way:

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