What Qualifications Do I Need To Become A Music Teacher?


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In the UK, you will need to have a GCSE, A Level and degree in music, music theory or music technology. After your degree you will have to take a one year PGCE course before you can become a music teacher.

Bear in mind you will also need decent grades in other subjects to get onto a degree course. Ideally you should also be able to play the piano, and playing other instruments would also be beneficial.

Playing an instrument and your qualifications in music should give you enough background knowledge in both the practical application of music and music theory - and the PGCE (post-graduate certificate of education) will teach you how to best communicate your knowledge to your pupils.

During your PGCE you will undergo two placements, and experience first hand what is needed to become a music teacher.

Essential knowledge...
  • GCSE in music
  • A Level in music
  • Degree in music
  • PGCE
  • Piano
  • Other instruments

Other Experience

To make your CV more appealing to prospective employers, volunteer at a local school or community project. This will give you experience not only in teaching children music, but also in observing teaching skills in action.
Apply for anything that will make your CV stand out from the rest! Employers will love any extra-curricular activities and these can go a long way to giving you the edge over a competitor for the job! 
  • Work experience at a school
  • Volunteer at a community music project
  • Any other extra activities!
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You will need a GCSE in music (theory as well) and also music at AS / A Level. You will then need to go to college or / and university to study some more music.

After you have graduated, you can volunteer at schools where you can get experience with teaching students - and they might hire you in future.

You will also need to get teacher training qualifications (teacher training agency) - which allows you able to teach.

If you want to be a music teacher it is ideal to play the piano and maybe one woodwind and one string instrument.

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