Does The Examination System In Pakistan Need Improvement? If So, In What Way?


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Pakistani examination systems need improvement. That is true. In fact, this cannot be done with in a single year or two. In fact, it will take a couple of years to do so. But one thing is sure that we would not face the problems in examination system after proper amendments. Pakistani examination system in non reliable in many regards. It is not making us understand things but learn them.
We are not going to sit in exam to understand whatever we have studied but we want to qualify for the next class after learning exams with passing marks. We are not interested in getting something after one year in a class but we are keen to get admission in the pother class of high standard. It is our examination system which is spoiling the inner and real charm of students. It is not providing us real and practical people but studious ones. Government needs to work on this sector by the help of Higher Education Commission in a dedicated manner. Let us wait and watch!
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pakistan education system needs to improve instantly because it does not meet with the standard required.for the progress and dignity in the world as well as for the survival in the modern world we must have an educated nation and for this purpose we should have a modern examination system.
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Examination System in Pakistan badly needs amendments. As Academics play a very important part in a country's welfare and development, our Examination System should be improved.  The present Examination System of Pakistan is horrible. For Science Students, this system poses as an insufferable problem. The students have to prepare three Practical notebooks (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology/Computer Sciences) in two years. This two years hard work only gives them two marks in practical exams.  The Examination centres are mainly Government Schools. These schools are awfully dilapidated and have a lack of fans and tube lights.  The Examiners, even being strict, can't stop the students from cheating. In my centre, an examiner was actually helping students to copy answers. In this way, deserving (intelligent) students don't get as much marks as those who have cheated.  The Question Sheets are also filled with spelling mistakes which causes confusions in students. Bribery is a very common practice used to increase a student's marks. People track the Invigilators and pay them for giving good marks to a student. To avoid this people should have no access to the person checking the papers.  Examination centres should be improved. High quality staff must be appointed. Rules should be made strict. Time limit must be made flexible i.e. A student should be allowed as much time as one requires for completing the exam. This might prove helpful for the prosperity of our country.
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If you are talking about  schools then to improve the system just remove the final exams and rank system.
Lets have test every 15 days for each subject. It could be a small test of 30 minutes or less on a small topic and the students should be graded as A, B, C or D and not first rank, second rank etc.
Sum of all the test scores is your final score.
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Yes, why matric level is so poor

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