Are There Any Free Acting Classes In NYC For Teens?


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Free acting classes in New York are few and far between. Magnet Theater offer a free improvisation class that you can join.

You could also request a free 'trial' session off a particular course you're interested in.

Alternatively, you could put an add up at a local theater or bookshop, and see whether anyone would be willing to help you out.

Free acting classes in New York City

Free anything is hard to come by in New York, and acting classes are no different.

Teachers can often charge hundreds of dollars in attendance fees, so it takes someone really altruistic to want to pass up on the cash and share their acting knowledge for free.

If you're looking for some free acting lessons, I'd suggest having a look at the following site:

Magnet Theater- They do a 'Free Intro to Improv' session which you can enroll in on their website.
If you look the course, you then have the option of progressing with other classes at a fee.

Another really good idea if you're looking for an acting class without having to spend any money is to offer something else in return.

Perhaps you speak another language, have IT skills, know how to cook- you can find an actor who is interested in learning your skills, and in return ask them to teach you to act.

Finally, why not check out the 'Acting New York' website. I found it really helpful when I was looking for contacts and advise on acting in NYC!
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Actually there is an amazing acting program I just finished which is called 'City at Peace' where you write and perform in your own original musical off Broadway.

It's absolutely free, and the musical you write is based on the life story of you and the rest of your cast.

You should really check it out there, Saturday cast is holding auditions the website is:

Then there's 'Tada', another program, and 'Citylights Youth' put in non for profit acting programs for teens too!

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