Are There Any Free Cna Classes In Nj At Any Nursing Homes?


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There are good classes that you can take advantage of if you are in the state of New Jersey and want to become a Certified Nursing Assistant/Aide. 

The Jersey State Department one Health and Senior Services has a rigorous 75 hour training program where willing candidates can begin their career in the medical field. 

The practical training is completed in nursing homes, so you should sift through the lot and find out which one is best for you.

Unemployed persons and others with financial difficulty should try to visit the Workforce Advantage Program office. 

Here, you can register yourself for free CNA training in programs that take a few weeks to complete, but will still equip you with the skills to take the next step in your working life. 

Also check out your local employment agencies or job placement bureaus to find see if they have any information on free CNA training courses being offered at an institute in your area.

Here is a useful list of facilities in New Jersey that may be offering CNA training programs:

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Being able to take free CNA classes means that you will be able to get the training and education that you need to become a certified nursing assistant.
There are multiple places you will be able to take these classes at,
most of which are held in hospitals and other clinical settings. In
order to get certified you will need to put in a certain number of hours
in these classes. Part of your education and training will be
informational and the other part practical. The practical aspect
consists of doing hands-on work with patients and performing duties that
CNAs are responsible doing every single day.

Here is the link where you can find lot's of low cost or free cna classes option

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