I Don't Have GED Or High School Diploma. Are There Any Nursing Homes Or Schools Offering CNA Training For Free In Michigan?


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I had a sister who was in a similar situation.  She got her GED & attended baker college.  You can receive GED's through public community schools adult programs or "life enrichment" programs depending on what your city calls it.  Price range usually is $100 to $300, again depends which city you register for.  I think there is a class in downtown detroit for $30.

If you have children (which my sister had 2) you can apply for government grants to attend college FREE.  Grants mean you don't have to pay anything back. In fact they paid my sister to attend college.  From my understanding, it took my sister 2-3 years to finish with her Associate nursing program & its only a test to become a RN.  For work in the mean time, Baker helped her find placement as she received her certifications.  She worked at a hospice for a year, then as a nurses assistant at a nursing home & so forth. I hear that these laws for nursing are changing rapidly.  The state wants nurses to have master degrees.  So act quickly.

Try out this site: www.baker.edu Hope this helps.

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