Where Can I Get Free Cna Classes With Out A Ged Or A High School Diploma In Manhattan New York?


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No,  because all schools  will require you to have at least a ged or high school diploma. Now, there is another option you can take! For those who don't have their ged's or high school diplomas
the good news is that  most  community colleges, vocational, and local career  training schools have  ged programs within the same location  the Cna courses are being provided. This is a huge convenience, especially if your employed!  Basically what the school counselor is going to do is  first,  place you in the ged program, and once your near completion,  the administration is going to immediately  let you began the cna courses. Some schools will even allow you to complete both at the same time, depending on the facility. The Manhattan Institute is one school offering this course. Phone # 212-564-1234.  Address: 255 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10016 on the 6th Fl.

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