Where Can I Take Free Ged Classes In Saint Louis?


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GED stands for General Education Development. The GED test is designed for, and can only be taken by, those who have not already earned a high school diploma. Common reasons for American citizens being without a high school diploma include immigration into America and home schooling. A GED Certificate means that the holder of the certificate has skills and knowledge of an American or Canadian high school level. The GED tests skills and knowledge such as reading, writing, mathematics, social studies and science, using essay-based questions and multiple choice questions.

In Saint Louis, Missouri, there are a small number of establishments and centers where you can take free or part-funded GED classes in order to pass the GED test and receive your GED certificate. One of these establishments which provides GED classes free of charge is the Saint Louis Public Library. The Adult Education Department runs classes, usually twice a week, where you can receive help and support in order to build on your current skills and knowledge in order to pass you GED test. The classes also allow you to work at your own pace, meaning you won't feel pressured to keep up with the rest of the participants. You will need to show ID and proof of American citizenship when registering for the classes.

Classes are also available at the Adult Learning Center, 5078 Kensington Avenue, Saint Louis. These classes are run by Ms Rhonda Jones, the Director of Adult Education. In order to find out more about these classes, please call (314) 367 5000, or email [email protected].

Another location where classes are available is at Hi-Tech Charities, which can be found at 1371 Hamilton Avenue, Saint Louis. In order to contact Ms. Chidi Nwankwere, the Director, please telephone (314) 389 5737 and use extension number 112, or email [email protected].

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