Where Can I Get Free GED Classes In Pasadena Texas?


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At the Community Education Centre which is a part of Pasadena City College. At the community education centre there are 12 major programs that also include non-credit classes. These classes are setup for general studies, technology, business, adults, foster care, parent education, and GED help.

The center works to provide help in GED preparation for free in order to help these students get into the community college to take advantage of one of the 12 programs offered.

* The local high school is also a choice. High schools offer GED courses often in the evenings for students who need to pass the test. Often these courses are offered by volunteer teachers and staff members of the high school. You may want to contact your local high school in Pasadena to see if they have any free courses coming up.
* The library is another resource that often has information or volunteers willing to offer GED courses.
* You may also want to stop by your local government assistance office for welfare and other assistance programs. Often these locations can help you find free GED courses because people come to them for that type of help.
* Online courses can also be found for free.

You should note that any help with GED classes for free will be led by volunteers. You can seek out a volunteer who may be willing to provide you help on their own time and work around both you and their schedule.

Furthermore, you do not need a "licensed" person or credited course to take the GED exam. Courses no matter how they are provided are meant to help you pass the GED exam, not to be used as credit for entry into college or towards your high school course work.

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