Where Can I Take GED Classes In Detroit, MI?


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Residents and students of Detroit who are hoping to attend General Education Development classes to gain a GED qualification for applying to college or for a better job have a choice of places to take them, these include the Marygrove College, SER Metro-Detroit Jobs for Progress Inc and Grand Rapids Adult Education Center.

Marygrove College offers free General Education Development classes to eligible residents. In order to become eligible for free classes, residents must have the ability to solve maths problems and read at a high enough standard (normally 7th grade) and there will possibly be other city requirements. The classes are taught with a combination of tutor sessions and computer learning.

At the SER (Service, Employment & Redevelopment) Metro-Detroit Jobs for Progress Inc, General Education Development classes are available for any residents aged between 18 and 21. Personalised programmes are created according to an initial diagnostic test taken by students and can be carried out at the student’s own pace focussing on their weaknesses.

Meanwhile at Grand Rapids Adult Education Center General Education Development classes are also available for free for residents over 20 years old. Grand Rapids’ program puts an equal emphasis on the five areas of the GED test; social studies, arts, literature, writing and science. Students can choose whether to attend classes in the day or evening and can get a reduced fee for the test. 

With flexible class hours it is easy to fit studying in with your other commitments and attending General Education Development classes is a great way to prepare yourself for the GED test, getting support from fellow students and tutors along the way. With a GED qualification under your belt, applying for college is easier and can help you get further up the career ladder at a much faster pace.
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Hey you guys and gals you can start taking your ged and ged prep classes at Marygrove collage

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