Where Can I Get Free CNA Classes In CT?


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CNA stands for Certified Nurse Aid and there are a wealth of training programs that are readily available in the state of Connecticut.
These training courses are required in every state to ascertain that an individual is qualified to work in a long-term health care institution. If you want to be certified in the state of Connecticut, an individual has to undergo an approved nurse aide training program and take a state competency examination within two years of completing the class.
A nurse aide training programme’s duration is required to last at least 100 hours and be coordinated by a qualified Registered Nurse. The individual must then re-certify every two years. The Recertification process involves checking that they have worked at least one eight-hour shift during this so-called 24 month time period.
In order to find the best training classes for CAN training, you must visit the Connecticut Department of Public Health, Bureau of Healthcare Systems and Division of Health Systems Regulation, which regularly maintains an extensive list of Connecticut Approved Nurse Aide Programs.
The list features several different types of organizations that run regulated training programs from nursing homes, hospitals and vocational technical schools to technical colleges, high schools, rehabilitation centres and many more. To discover a course near you, visit: Www.ct.gov/dph/lib/dph/facility_licensing_and_investigations/nurse_aide_training/facilities_list_by_town.pdf or call DPH at 860-509-7400 or the Education and Employment Information Centre on 800-842-0229 to ask for the complete list.
There may be a possibility to ask for financial assistance for CNA Training, as classes provided at community colleges do tend to have set fees. Student may also be able to qualify for financial aid. Classes offered at care facilities with longer terms generally have no fee.
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If I work as a cna years ago but my cna is not current what should I do
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Your local community college probably has them or try your local hospital
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Try mental health institutions or state run organizations. Some nursing homes train for free.

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