Where Can I Get Free CNA Classes In Suffolk County, NY?


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The demand for Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) is growing, as are all industries in the healthcare segment.  School is expensive and can ruin the best of educational plans.  It is unlikely that you will find a school that actually offers this type of training for free.  However, there are some ways that you can get someone else to help you pay for it so that it is free, or nearly so.  The first place to look is for agencies that have an interest in increasing the number of health professionals available.

One idea is to contact a nursing home or hospital that you wish to work for.  There are often grants available to help facilities train their workers.  Many times you can get the hospital or nursing home to pay for your education, but they often require a contract that says you have to work for them for a certain number of years in order for them to receive a return on their investment. 

Another source is to find a university or community college that offers the training and to talk to their financial aid department.  You have to actually talk to them because they often do not list all of the resources publicly.  However, if you sit down with an advisor they will often point you to many more resources for grants or other deeply discounted financing options.  Some offer student co-ops that allow you to work in your field while you continue your course work.  This often allows you to gain experience and pay for your courses at the same time.

If you contact your local AARP office,  they have government funding that can help you pay for a CNA certification.  This is because care of the elderly is an important concern for them.  If they don’t have any grants available in your local area, they may be a place that could provide suggestions for someone who does.  They are often highly connected with local resources.

There is another way into the profession: You could apply for a job as a Nurse’s Assistant first.  Then, after you’ve worked for the company for certain amount of time, you could ask them if you could become a CNA.  Some healthcare providers have government grant money available for those who wish to further their education and training in the field.  These are just a few ideas, but if you are creative and resourceful, and you can find ways to obtain your CNA training for free, or nearly so.

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