Where Can I Find A Free Cna Class In Orlando Or Orange County Area?


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There are plenty of free CNA classes available, not necessarily free but half price off such as if a class is 300.00 you would pay maybe like 150.00 of that 300.00 dollars. Try your local nursing homes for more information they would help out a whole lot.
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I took a free cna class in 2005 I started by calling all of the nursing homes that I was willing to commute to and asked if they held free cna classes until I found one. So you should call nursing homes and ask if they hold cna classes. I hope that helped.
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Hey does anyone know where to find cna courses , in middletown ny in orange county , I did take the course yrs ago and failed my written exam I have a hard time taking a test , but now I'm older and realize thats what I want to do . Can any one help with any info.

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