Where Can I Find Free Cna Classes In St.louis,mo.?


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Free CNA classes are not available in St. Louis, MO.

  • CNA classes
CNA, or certified nursing aide, is a job that requires you to go through a certification program to work in the field. If you do not go through proper channels to get your education you will not be marketable for the job. In fact, no hospital or doctor is going to look at your education and consider you as a candidate. Therefore, CNA classes are never free in St. Louis or any other state. You have to apply to a certification program and find a position that best fits you.

  • Apply for financial aid
If you want to take classes without costing you a lot of money there is financial aid. Even with community colleges, you can get financial aid through the government. The university or college can help you fill out the FASFA papers and determine what you qualify for. You may be able to qualify for full payment of grants and other scholarship such as money or loans.

Student loans, though aggravating because of the repayment, can at least help you get the certification you need. St. Louis, MO and a few other states nearby are in desperate need of qualified CNA's. This means you can pay the student loans back with relative ease once you get a position.

  • Certification
The certification process can be done within a year. Some of the courses are nine months, while others are an actual four year degree program. It depends on the certification and the jobs you want to apply for. The more knowledge you have the better in most cases, but if you need education quickly it pays for you to take the shorter program and work up to other levels.

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Delmar Gardens nursing home in Chesterfield will train you to be certified if they hire you. Other than that, I heard Brookview in North County (near Midland) will also train you.

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