Where In Chicago Can I Find Free Cna Classes?


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The Harold Washington College is in association with the city colleges
of Chicago. They offer a training course that combines both the clinical
nursing and lab work involved with becoming a certified nursing
assistant. This program lasts between 12-13 weeks however funding
provided for this courses is very limited.

If you are looking for
free cna training I would recommend trying to get in contact with
Glencrest Nursing and Rehab as they offer some programs whereby they
provide free training in exchange for you agreeing to work with them
after your certified.

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You can find the listing of CNAs programs on the following site.

You can also inquire about the CNA training programs conducted in your region from state registry. You can also get the contact number and details of state registry if you ask around.

Hope this will help you. Enjoy blurting :)

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Where can I find free CNA classes in the chicago area

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