Are There Free Cna Classes In Riverside Or San Bernardino Ca?


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You may be able to find some free California Nurses Association  (CAN) classes in Riverside or San Bernardino CA by contacting nursing and long-term care providers in the local area. Some of these providers provide free training for CNA courses if the individual agrees to work at the facility for a specified time. This may also provide the individual with some invaluable work experience and could even lead to a more permanent job after they complete their training.

Additionally, some local hospitals and rehabilitation centers may also be able to offer some free training for someone looking to study for a nursing assistant certificate. By making a few phone calls to these healthcare providers in your local area, you may be able to secure free training and some valuable on the job work experience.

There are, of course CNA courses available through colleges and educational establishments; however, these usually are courses with an attached fee. Studying to become a certified nursing assistant can be very expensive so it is always worthwhile making some phone calls first to establish whether you would be able to secure some free training rather than having to pay for an expensive course.

For those individuals who are still at school and who do not intend to go onto college after graduation, some high schools offer training for aspiring certified nursing assistants. Ask your school’s career service if they offer such training and if not, ask if they can put you in touch with any hospitals or healthcare providers in the area that offer free training. There may also be the option of applying for some financial aid in the form of grants or scholarships if you do want to pursue a course at a college or university.

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