Are There Free Cna Training Classes In Charleston Wv?


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There are free CNA training classes in Charleston, WV in the form of CNA refresher classes. The CNA refresher class is an alternative way to re-register on the West Virginia nurse aide registry and regain your ability to work as a certified nurse aide in the state. As a nurse aide you should consider completing a nurse aide refresher course if you did not work the mandatory eight hours in the last two years. State regulations require that every nurse aide who wishes to re-register every two years must work for pay, as a nurse aide, in the previous 24 months.

The nurse aide refresher course will prepare you to take the state competency examination without having to complete another CNA training program and therefore not having to pay the fees.
CNA refresher courses consist of at least 8 hours of instruction during which you will review and practice the main skills and procedures required of a long-term care nurse aide.

There are various providers of nurse aide refresher classes, including long-term care facilities, in-service providers, nursing homes, and vocational or technical schools. The course provider will arrange a test date for every candidate who successfully completes the refresher class. Passing the written and skills state test will re-certify you as a nurse aide and result in your name being listed on the West Virginian nurse aide registry.

The location for the Charleston class is at -
Special Touch Training Center South Charleston
510 C Street, South Charleston, WV 25356
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Heartland does them sometimes, I've heard Meadowbrook on occasion does too and temp agencies might...

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