Do You Use Both Your Hands For Writing?


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I do everything with both hands.  I'm left handed but when I was in school you weren't aloud to do anything with your left hand.  The teachers would punish you if you did anything with your left hand so I was forced to learn to do everything with my right hand but today I can do everything with both my left and right hand
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Yes I am ambidextrious, my kids and I wrote notes to each other trying this, it was funny,  my son can do it really well, he is left handed, but in school the teachers made him put it in the other hand to write. Good skills to have in case you break an arm or finger!
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I can only use my right hand(rightly).. But recently, I've been practicing to write with my other hand too.. But turns out that the writing with my left hand is just too worst =PP
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Penny Kay answered
Yes, when i write, i use on hand to keep the paper in place and one to write. I type with both hands.
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Priyanka Nand answered
That's a very interesting question, I can write with both hands, but tend to write with more ease with my right hand..but it depends on the person, I have a few mates you can't write with both hands at all..
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Moe Pence answered
I'm only able to write legibly with my right hand.  I can print with my left hand slowly enough so that it can be read.  Most everything else I'm able to do with either right or left hand (except sew).
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I wish I could, but I can not do everything with both hands but few stuff can be done with both hands like eating, drinking stuff but as far as writing is concerned, no way!!
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I don't do that with writing, but I do many other things that way, I too am a south paw, and am rather proud of it. None of my children are though, dern it.
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No i can only use my right hand for nearly everything and my left hand is not with my right hand and can't do much can anyone tell what this is called if you can only use 1 hand properly?
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Well im a right handed , since i was a girl (5 years old) i wish or desire to use both hands , learn to write with my left hand, and i discover it was very easy to me, since then i have been practice, and i have been working in different areas, im a typist,but long time ago i was working in a factory, and order to perfom my job, i have to ensemble some materiasl, , first pushing both bottons to start the machine, and at the same time grab with both hand the materials. I think im both hands
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Im amdidextrous i try to use my left and right hand equaly its realy fun when ur in class taking notes with one hand and drawing pics with the other lol

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