How Do I Write Handing Over Note?


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Writing a handing over note is simple and probably easier than you think. You need to include what you are handing over, who to and why. Also you will need to include the names of people; assets and companies involved to ensure that everything can be taken care of if there are ever going to be any problems. Also including dates is very important as you are never going to have to argue about when the handing over note was written and why.

As long as you have all of this information included you can be sure that there are not going to be any problems with the note and that all parties are going to be happy with the way in which it can be dealt with. It is up to you how much detail you want to include within the note to ensure that nothing is missed out.

If you want to add as much description as possible you can do, however you can be sure that a handing over note is still going to be successful if you have just the basic amount of information but it completely your decision with regards to how much time you want to spend and how much information you want to include.

Once you have everything in place with regards to the handing over note, you will need to ensure that all parties have read the note and are happy to sign it to clarify that the handing over of the assets has been mutual and successful. This is going to ensure that there are not going to be any problems in the future as everyone has clearly agree to the terms and conditions that are on the note and that they have not raised any problems before signing.
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Sample of handover note
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The points that should be covered in a Handover letter
Write the name of the object/asset/position that you are handing over along with the name of the person to whom you’re doing it. Write the date from when the handing over of the asset or position would be effective. You should also enclose with the letter any documents or keys that need to be given to that person and mention the names of all the enclosed objects in the letter. Other than all these, include a duplicate copy of the letter and request the receiver to sign it and send it back to you as proof of his receipt.

At the closing mention that any queries can be addressed to you. Give your address and contact details at the bottom of the letter where you sign your name.

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A. Sample hand-over note

Addressee: (in the counterpart agency or coordinating agency)

Activity title:

Advise that the [name of activity] activity has now been completed in accordance with the agreement expressed in the memorandum of understanding dated [include date]. Include reference to the status of the completed activity and provisions for its sustainability (e.g., training and ongoing maintenance provisions). Reference arrangements in place or proposed for on-going partner government (agency) responsibilities in this regard.

Briefly refer to assets purchased during the life of the activity and available for transfer to the partner government (agency) as mutually agreed. Refer to relevant paragraph in the MOU indicating that these assets are now the property of the government of [insert country name]. Attach detailed list of assets.

Request signature of appropriate government representative, signifying acceptance of the assets, and request one of the signed originals be returned to the post.

Name and signature of authorised AusAID officer


Name and signature of authorised officer of partner government agency


Note: Adapted from the Australian Aid Website
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It is easy to write down and develop proper handing out notes. I have done it many times during my academics. Look, you need to be assiduous in this regard. First of all, make a list of subjects which notes you are seeking for. Then go ahead and re check that list. Upgrade that list after proper discussion with your badge mates. They will obviously guide you in upgrading. Share your stock with others. No doubt it will apparently help you in many ways.
Then you have to search for past year notes for that purpose. Later you may feel it easy to compare your notes with the past ones. Develop and increment the notes with the help of relevant stuff. Don't go for irrelevant and unrequited stuff as it will be dawdle of your precious time. You should try to write your own notes by the help of lectures, class notes, books and internet search. Nowadays internet is playing a vital role in educating communities. You should not avoid its value for your handing out notes. Hope now you would be able to work for your handing out notes actively. Good luck!

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