How To Write A Handing Over Letter?


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I presume that you are referring to a handover report which is a piece of writing that is used by an employee to inform a replacing employee of what the job consists of and an account of what has gone on in addition to what the aims of the company are in the future.

  • Firstly, ensure that you write this report using computer software. It helps if you have an office program that already provides a handover report template for you to type in.
  • When you start writing this report, you need to firstly list all of the 'need to know' information. For example, you should list all of the things that you tend to do on a daily basis. Or you may prefer to state what you do on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. In the list you should include all the aspects of the job you are responsible for as well as details such as passwords or contacts, and training days etc.
  • Following that you must list the current tasks that you are involved in and hope to complete. You need to detail what the task or project consists of and the dates and times they commenced as well as the dates and times you hope to finish them by.
  • If you're writing this for a new employee make sure you include a directory that identifies the location of certain objects and documents that they will need such as keys and reports.
  • You need to state your previous accomplishments with this company and explain the future goals of this particular job role as well as the overall aims of the company.

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