How To Write A Hand Over Report?


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A handover report is basically a report to ensure seamless employee transition in the handing-over of a job. They are common when employees work shift patterns where one employee will be taking over the duties as another employee finishes their shift. A handover report should be considered a guide for the replacement employee.

You should speak to your employer or fellow colleagues regarding how to write your handover report as it can vary from company to company and there may be specific items which must be included and are specific to your job. Some companies may not require an overly formal report and may simply need all the basic information communicated in an efficient and effective manner that is easily understood and includes all the vital information for the replacement employee to carry on the tasks. Other companies may follow a specific handover report guideline which may need to be copied and kept on file for future reference.

One of the most important things to be listed in the report is if anything unusual happened during your shift that the replacement employee should know about. This could be anything from a mundane task to a huge incident. Nothing should be omitted from the report as all information will make the job easier for the replacement. Begin with what was started on your shift and what needs to be completed by the next. Include completed tasks so the incoming shift does not duplicate your tasks. Break you list down by priorities, frequency, type of information and sequence. List current projects, the dates or times they began, how you want them to progress, and a completion date or time. Include all aspects of the project that the replacement needs to know. A successful handover report should lead to a seamless transition from one employee to another as the replacement employee begins completing a task that the original employee began.
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Am requesting a sample of hand over report for operations manager in a small  hotel industry worked for one year but the reason behind it's failure the hotel has failed to meet it's cost of operations?
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You need to describe the contents and the amount, with time, date and whom you hand over to. Depending on where you work or what type of handover you doing, you need to include all type of contents and the situation at the time of handover to cover your self so if any thing should go wrong when you leave, you would have noted all you needed to do other wise it would be on your head and might cause you to lose your job.

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