How Do You Write A Simple Report?


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Since you have not specified what kind of report, I will assume it to be of an educational nature.

Reports are really quite easy if you follow a basic pattern. Your introduction will be effective if you begin with words like if, when, before, and whenever. Remember- your introduction is telling the reader what you will be telling them! That simple.

The body of your report requires organization. Jot down all the important points you wish to cover and add details where necessary. Organize these into a logical order and tie your sentences together with some basic words. First, next and finally work well under most circumstances.

Your conclusion will remind the reader what your report was detailing. Starting with words such as clearly, and certainly will provide you with an opportunity to leave the reader with a new prespective. In essence, your conclusion tells the reader what you have told them!

Editing is the last step and certainly an important one. Read your work out loud to catch errors. Depending on your sight only is a mistake as we all tend to fill in errors with what we want to say, thus missing necessary corrections.

With practice, writing can become as natural as walking. Good luck!
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Great, thanks!
P.s. You spelt perspective incorrectly! (perspective not prespective)

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