What Is Difference Between B.Tech And B.E.?


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People pursuing B.E will definitely say that B.E and B.tech are the same
actually the main difference is
Autonomous universities that are purely dedicated to provide technical studies to students decided to name there degrees as B.tech or M.tech
rest all the engg degrees are B.E only ,in india only IIT's & NIT's
offered B.tech instead of B.E to signify that these are premier institutes in India that offer engg courses but later on this concept was picked up by some other universities and they also started offering B.tech instead of B.E to attract more students, due to these copycatbullshit institutes there is no difference between B.E and B.tech today, but still the course name can be changed but institute name cannot be changed
so its all bullshit that you have a B.E or B.tech, only thing that matters is from which institute you have graduated in these courses
If its an I.I.T then its very very very good
if its from an N.I.T its very very good
rest is all the same you got it from anywhere in India.
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I think b.tech is more beneficial than B.E because in b.tech the student has practical knowledge as well as theoretical on other hand  in B.E there are only theoretical knowledge
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B tech is design components even then to further advancements technology,BE is already have components,how to use only!!!so Btech is advance configuration better then BE configuration!!!
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B. Tech is greater than B.E
B.Tech is practical knowledge in college and B.E is theoretical knowledge in college,
hand on experience in b.tech
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B.tech involves 6 months of industrial training and project work...
B.e only involves project work.
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Actually it dsnt depend upon you ,,it depends upon the university or college wch is providing you da degree,,,if IIT's wd have bn providing BE dan BE wd hv been better ...
You guys aftr cmpletin 4 yrs even don't know know wt da major diff is ...
I m an HR of 1 of da job placin cmpny for you students of BE n BTECH....
If I donn feel da diff among you guys dan who da hell r you to decide....
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Ppl seriously, if you look at the coursework and the labs then there aren't a lot of differences b\w BE and BTech...Ppl are saying tht they one is more theory oriented than the other and so on... But an engineer requires both of thoz things...Thrz no question of being less industrial exp in BE (BITS offers BE degrees and it has a 6 month industrial training component as well)
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B Tech includes the skill of an engineer whereas BE requires more of theoretical knowledge. But both have equal importance when it comes to placements.
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B Tech engineers are more in demand than the normal B.E engineers. So I suggest you that guys should definitely take courses in B.Tech
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The difference between B.E. And B.Tec. is thus:
The B.E. Is the degree given by engeeneering college and university after passing the Engineering and B.Tec. is the degree of engineering after passing hte degree in autonomous colleges and IIT Colleges.
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Bullshit..In todays world there is no difference in be n btech.Previously,only some goverment colleges gave tech degrees like my dad is btech Mechanical,National institute of tech,karnataka,surathkal(thn KREC).But now all those under tech university offer tech degree.Tech is more practical..But you gain more knowledge in BE.And don't think you get less salary..I myself am student of BE,mechanical,jadavpur university and my seniors got job offers few days back with yearly package of rs20lac..So its all the same now..Soumya(3rd yr,dept of mechanical engg,JU)
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B TECH is LULL and BE is phuddi .So in your mind which one is much better.

LULL is great it is essential to run a PHUDDI.

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