What Is The 'Brunswikian Lens Model'?


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The Brunswikian Lens Model hypothesizes two processes that are associated in the origination of communication product in general. The two processes are as follows –

A) Externalization of speaker's traits and condition which are objectively measurable or quantifiable as well as subjectively perceivable or qualitatively measurable.
B) The audience's ability to use different cues in order to measure the speaker's traits and condition.

The initial step of analysing externalization is to measure the physical qualities as well as perceptual qualities by means of finding correlation with several features of the speaker assessed by objective index such as test scores. This step pertain the identification of ecological validity of distal and proximal cues. The second step is to measure the accuracy with which the listener or audience is able to understand the speaker's traits and mental states from different paralinguistic cues. The third step includes the various paralinguistic cues used by the audience to make the attributions.

The primary drawback of Lens Model is its inability to cover the significance of communicative function of speech utterances.

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