How To Write A Book Report?


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Writing a book report is writing an exposition which gives the reader a short summary of any particular book while offering a reaction to it. This report will include some details and is generally tailored to its readers. It is usually structured to include an index and a table of contents; title, introduction, main body, personal views and conclusion; bibliography (references).
The length of a book report may vary according to what is asked of a student. It could range from one to three pages as older students are often required to identify more advanced subject matter such as symbolism or finding deeper meaning in the text. The actual plan of book report writing will depend on the age of the student or whether the report due is on a fictional or a non-fictional book. It would prove helpful to jot down your own notes while going through the book. You can even use bookmarks or post-it flags to keep track of pages with important paragraphs or quotes.

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