How To Write A Service Report For Technicians?


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A technician must have the ability to speak well and write well, as one of the most important aspects of the job is to report findings back to the head office, so that any further work needed can be followed up. 
An electronic technician should be able to produce the report with ease,  the most important aspects of the report are the name and address of the property that has been visited. The date and time of the visit should also be included, as should the amount of time spent at the property. 
A list of jobs carried out should be included, and these should be reasonably detailed, and should always include the work carried out. Other aspects that should be written down include the materials used, how the work was carried out, and whether the job was simply a maintenance job or repairs were needed.
There should also be a list of materials that were needed to complete the job, or if the job is not completed, a list of materials that will be required to complete the job. The estimated time that the remainder of the job will take to complete should also be included in this case.
Names of other people working on the same job, if this is applicable, should be included and the report should always be signed and dated at the bottom. Copies of the report should be sent to the head office, and a copy should also be sent to any other relevant departments that will need to assist with the completion of the job, and any departments that have been involved in the job prior to the technician's visit.

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