How To Write A Specification For A Product Or Service?


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A specification is a very important part in building the foundations for a successful product or service. The main rules to follow when writing a specification for a product or service are as follows:

  • The guidelines need to be clear and concise
  • All costings of materials and tools needed should be included
  • What does the product or service set out to deliver?
  • How will the product or service be profitable?
  • What health and safety issues need to be considered?
If you get the specification right, there is a much better chance the product or service will turn out the way you intended. Fail to plan, plan to fail is a very apt saying when it comes to specifications.

Every fine detail needs to be included to ensure that there are no major errors further down the line - which can spell big trouble for the product or service's overall success.

If the specification is for a business project at school or college then it is certainly a good idea to get it checked by your tutor before finally submitting it. They will have experience in what makes a good specification and what has to be included.

Follow this advice and you will be sure you are on the right lines; your specification will act as the perfect starting block and foundation in which to build a great product or service on.

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