How To Write Introduction Of A Company On A Website?


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To compose a company introduction, you will need to have short, sharp and concise copy. All the important information about the company must be included on it including the names of the directors, employee strength; area of core specialisation and other key details such as address and email contacts
When writing your company introduction it is essential to know that its length must be around 400 to 500 words maximum. Firstly the introduction is key as you will need it to introduce your company and want to include things such as the year your company was established, your company’s location and what products or services you offer. People want to read about your company, not where you live.
The second paragraph should be about what you do and really sell yourself. You should include things like product range/services offered, machinery and technology used, production experience, number of staff (and foreign language speakers if you have them) how orders are handled and any significant achievements that would be meaningful to include.
When introducing your products, you need to remove long-winded descriptions as they belong in your product description section. Certain sectors will be interested in knowing what machinery and technology you use and your production experience as well.
Stating the number of people that you employ will give your reader an indication of your company’s size and if you are an SME or bigger enterprise. Making buyers aware of significant achievements that your company has made is another effective way to differentiate your company from your competitors.
When you finish your company description then you will need to close accordingly. Several companies use the final paragraph of their company introductions to state their corporate values and invite buyers to get in touch accordingly.
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The introduction of a company is one of the most important things while making the content of a website of that particular company. It is a source of information about the company to all the people which includes potential customers, that visit the website.

The Introduction of the company must focus on the history of the company. This should be concise and brief. Then the introduction must also have the relevant dates like date of establishment and incorporation. Apart from that the business or industry in which the company operates must be included in brief.

All the important information about the company must be included. Such as the names of the directors, employee strength, area of core specialization, equipments to be used etc.
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