What Are Steps To Write A Company Profile?


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A company profile is comprised of the information that is both public, and other information that a company would like the general public to know about their business. There are no hard and fast rules for writing one, but there are a few guidelines used by businesses that are successful.

The first question that should be asked when writing a company profile is what target audience is the company trying to reach? The copy should be tailored for the right age group, the right demographic, in a way that will get and keep their attention. A profile should also be intriguing enough to grab the attention of the print media sources, as well as internet sources, which are critical for success for any business that is just starting out. A business plan should also be included for any business that is looking to acquire financing from venture capitalists or a local bank.

To achieve these goals, a company profile should include useful information written in layman’s terms, such as a description of the company's products, key personnel, and services. An excellent company profile should also contain a bit of personality to reflect the culture of the business. Adding some relevant information about the mission of the company or any community service programs the business is involved in that can interest to a reader of the profile.  People do best at relating to other people, so some human perspective should be added to any profile.

For the perfect finishing touch to a company profile, it should be spelled out in plainly written language just what it is about your company that makes it unique and helps it to stand out from competitors in the field. And above all, the profile should be honest, not blandly written, and it should avoid hype and false promises.
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A company Profile is a document that provides an overview of the working of the company, its origin and history and every other detail. A Company Profile must be comprehensive and concise.

A Company Profile must have the following steps:

- Introduction

- History

- Products and services

- Manufacturing facility

- Partners

- Suppliers and distributors etc.

- Financial figures and analysis.
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Give me an example of a written company profile of a travel agency
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Here's an article that explains it and has a link to a tool that writes the profile for you, too: Http://ezinearticles.com/?How-To-Write-a-Company-Profile:-3-Keys-to-Succeed&id=179831
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It should have info such as: Who works for you? How many people, maybe their face pics. If you book travel to snowy areas, maybe someone on skis pics to upload. Keep it real, keep it brief.
What your mission statement is: Why you started your particular company and what your overall goals are.
What you can do faster cheaper or better than another company.
And HOW .....people need to know HOW they will get things done with you.

These are protocols: Operating directives of your company. If there is financial info to share, how much you made last year, etc. Otherwise, what stock holders or share holders want to know. Do you offer stock options in your company? Are you incorporated?non-profilt?

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