How To Write My Company Profile?


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The key to a good profile is that it contains the essential information about the business while being easy to follow.

Writing your company profile is one of the most important tasks for your business and must fulfil a number of functions.

A good example to follow would be to produce your profile in the same style as a mid-market newspaper. Come up with an interesting introduction that will capture the attention of the reader before going on to introduce the vital information further down the profile.

Would you be more inclined to read through the pages of a phonebook or a newspaper article?

In a busy marketplace, profiles are very common, your competitors have got their message out there and you have to ensure that your profile is distinct, memorable and relevant.

Whilst getting important information across is essential, a good profile will also contain some more light hearted personal details. Introducing some personality helps to retain the readers' interest and will increase their curiosity to find out more.

Don't overload the profile with detail and technicalities; you can provide the prospective customer with that type of detail once they contact you but the purpose of the profile is to attract interest and prompt further enquires.

Keep your profile clear and concise and ensure that it carries all the essential elements of your business such as where you are located, your core strengths, areas of expertise and how to contact you.

Once you have written the profile, take a break then read it out to yourself to ensure that it runs smoothly. Ask some close friends to review it and get their feedback.

When you are comfortable with the profile you are them ready to publish it and judge its success by the enquiries and business that it creates.
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Since it is a new company, you cannot write much about its history or financial status. However, you should write about the business your company is in. The goal or vision of starting the business. You might want to include what inspired you to start the business and how you will differentiate yourself from the competition. Write about your size of business, regions you service.

Keep it honest and genuine. Tall promises are good only to a point. In the long term, your work will speak for itself.

Good luck! In your new endeavor.

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Here's an article that explains how to write a profile and even has a link to a tool that writes your profile for you! Http://
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How to write my company profile?
My company name: Utility computers. Dealing in computer last 12 years. We sealing
desktop - branded and assemble pc, laptop - branded, computer repairing, service providing, networking like lan,wan. Annual maintenance contract with bank & many business company. Printer, scanner, network product also supply as requirement. Now we are starting with home/office security product like - cc camera, if camera, stand alone dvr, computer dvr card and recording office/home location. You can check your office or home anywhere in world through internet in desktop or laptop. Other security product like home/office alarm system, video door phone, finger print lock,  biometric attendance system. In software we sub dealer in tally accounting software and quick heal antivirus programme.
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Profile Should be short and clear with only useful information..
Clear instruction about the products ...
Which makes the customer happy and too take the decision easily

all the best
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I am a new company of selling hardware goods and motor repairing. I need to write a simple company profile for my client.
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Write a brief of your company with services you provide and projects done.

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