Can Anyone Help Me Determine Adverb, Noun, And Adjective Phrases From Each Other?


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In simplest terms, a noun is a word that names a person place or thing.  A adjective modifies or describes a noun.  A flower (noun) may be beautiful (adjective0 or it can be red (adjective).  A verb expresses action.  An adverb modifies or describes a verb.  I used the word "expresses" as a verb.  Something can be expressed "clearly", "negatively" or "hastily".  The ly frequently identifies an adverb, but not always.  

I know because I know my language.  I do some writing, and I guess I have to know these things. You can check up on me using search engines for "parts of speech".  You'll get a lot more details as well.  
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I forgot to say prepositional phrases as adverbs, nouns, and adjectives otherwise I would know what those are.

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