What Is The Difference Between An Adverb And An Adjective.


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An adverb defines every part of speech except a noun or pronoun and an adjective only defines noun or pronoun
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An adverb is basically a part of speech. It defines a verb or an adjective or even another adverb and answers questions like How, when and where. Whereas an adjective is a word that defines a noun or a pronoun. In order to understand it in a better way see the example below:
My wife knits intricately patterned sweaters.
Here Intricately is an adverb that defines the verb Knit. The adjective is Patterned, which defines the verb sweaters. Also the adverb is defining the adjective.
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An adverb that modifies a verb gives the complement to a verb. Ex : "He runs quickly" so the word "quickly" is a complement of a verb = abverb.An adjective is used to modify a noun which is given the complement of what we want to describe.ex : "The table with the light color is nice" so the words light and nice are the adjectives.
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The difference is that an adverb describes a verb and an adjective a noun

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