In The Sentence 'She Was Happy', Is Happy An Adjective Or A Verb, Or Both?


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It's both because a verb names a person, place, or thing and it's naming a person, and she is the verb , and an adjective means just the same mostly as a verb, so there your answer!
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Happy is an adjetive, she is a pronoun, and was is an adverb. An adjetive is the word that describe a place,person,animal, or thing. A pronoun is a word that take place of the noun. And an adverb is the word that modify a verb,adjetive, and other adverb
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She is the subject. Was is the linking verb. And happy is a predicate adjective.
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Well I always thought that adjectives are doing words like running or walking......
So I think its a verb!!!!
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Yes,Happy is an adjective ,She is a pronoun and the verb WAS is the past tense of to be. To make a sentence" She was happy"

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