Where Is The Company Profile Template That Will Help Me To Write One?


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There are many websites that offer tutorials in how to write a company profile.  There are also websites that provide a template for writing company profiles.  Most of these websites will charge for this service though, and only offer a basic profile template for free.  To find one of these websites simply go to your preferred Internet search engine and type ‘Company Profile template’.  There will be many options available to you allowing you to pick your favourite design.  Some companies may also offer a service writing your profile for you.  There is no one right way to write a company profile but it is helpful to think of a company profile as an extended business card.  A good way to sample company profiles is to look at some existing company profiles online or in brochures to gain a feel for what you think looks good and what does not work well.  You will then be in a better position to create your own company profile.  A company profile is a good way to attract investors and should be used to show how you do business.  A good company profile should include vital information such as a business’s headquarters and major branches, financial information and personnel.  It should also include relevant contact information and a website address.  A company profile should be used not only to give basic information about the business but also differentiate your company and show strengths within the company that will help promote the business when compared to other similar companies.  It should also be short and neatly presented, to make information easy to find and easy to read.  It is a good idea to try and tailor the profile to attract the type of investor or customer that would be good for your business.
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There are a number of company profiles available on the internet. But these profiles will vary according to the nature of business, products and services.

Here is a generic company profile template that would give you a kick start:
  • Company's Introduction
  • Key profile of Management
  • Shareholding Structure
  • Organogram
  • Industry overview
  • Products & Services
  • Clients
  • Financial Highlights
  • Sponsors (if any)
  • Major Achievements
  • Contact Information

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Since it is a new company, you cannot write much about its history or financial status. However, you should write about the business your company is in. The goal or vision of starting the business. You might want to include what inspired you to start the business and how you will differentiate yourself from the competition. Write about your size of business, regions you service.

Keep it honest and genuine. Tall promises are good only to a point. In the long term, your work will speak for itself.
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A company profile of health and wellness
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The below URL provides many templates
Just follow the instructions and be very specific about what your company is about and also choose the type of the template you want very carefully.
Best of luck in your business.
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I need to do an sentimental write up on my company... Its really difficult since I haven't done anything of the such before.

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