How Can I Write A Good Company Profile In Order To Attract Investors For A Hotel Master Franchise?


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Writing a company profile is an art. The most important thing which you have to keep in mind is that you should not only include all the details about the company, but you should also use precise and simple language as far as possible. Apart from the name of the hotel and its addresses, you must also give the potential investors other general information about the hotel, such as the services which are offered by it.

It is better to include the mission statement and the philosophy which is followed by the hotel along with the business plan. This would give the potential investors a fair idea about the hotel and about the kind of activities the hotel wishes to undertake. The company profile must be free from jargon. This is because the use of jargon proves to be a major hindrance in the process of dissipating the information which is aimed at attracting potential investors.
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