How best can I write a handover report for a small hotel business?


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A handover report is written by a business owner or employee in a particular position in order to inform their replacement of what has happened previously and how to ensure that the transition is seamless and smooth.

In the context of a small hotel business, a handover report will have to encompass thorough details of the day-to-day operations of the business so that the replacements are fully aware of how best to assume their duties. The best course of action would probably be for each employee to create their own handover report for their replacement, as this will break down the operations of the business into manageable portions.

When creating a handover report, you might want to take the following steps:

  • Create a list of all the things that you think your replacement will need to know
What are your daily duties? What things do you do every week, month, year etc? What is your chain of command in your position? What passwords do you need to know and what keys do you have in your possession and regularly use as part of your job? Are there any important upcoming dates in your calendar?

  • Prioritize this information and organize it in a manner that is suitable and easy to understand.
Emphasize any ongoing projects and create a clear sense of the time scale involved in them. Start with the most important long-term projects and duties and move on to less important and more short-term duties.

  • Clearly map out and list job specific documents and items
Detail where any key documents, keys, passwords etc. Can be found.

  • Outline the key goals of your position and the company as a whole
This should give your replacement a focus for their job.

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