I Need To Write Business Proposal For A Restaurant?


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If you survey a group of restaurant owners, you can be pretty sure they’ll tell you that having a detailed business plan in place is critical when you start out.  You can write it yourself, hire someone to write it for you or compromise by following a template that outlines a standardized plan for your industry.  You can also find lots of advice and "how-to” articles to guide you through the process.

Executive Summary:  Some articles suggest you write this last, as it’s a "big picture” summary.  Describe your concept, related experience why you are the right person to make it work.

Company Description:  Include history, location and style of restaurant, legal name and start-up plans.  Describe your research.

Product or Service:  Describe what you’re selling, and what benefits to your customers.

Market Analysis:  Who are your customers, where will they come from and why will they come to you?  How will you compete with established restaurants in the area or your genre?  How will you promote - what advertising, what "specials”?

Business Operation or Products and Services:  Include your hours, number of employees, advantages your restaurant offers customers, what resources or contacts you have that will make you competitive in the industry.

Management and Ownership:  Define responsibilities.  What roles do you intend to fill yourself, and which employees have what duties?  Mention how the division of labour will benefit the business.

Financial Analysis:  Start with a profit and loss projection, i.e. Expenses versus anticipated profit.  Touch on possible risks and how you would counter them, to show you have considered this.  Include cash flow tables.

There’s a good "how-to” article on business proposals with more suggestions and links at restaurants.about.com/od/finances/a/Restaurant_plan.html

www.bplans.com/sample_business_plans.cfm  Offers sample business plans.  "You can use it for reference in writing your own plan, or actually open it in Business Plan Pro software and edit it to match your business.”  From the same site, read the many "how-to” articles and links to resources such as a "Business Plan Coaching Service” for professional help.

articles.bplans.com/writing-a-business-plan  Same site as above, containing detailed instructions on writing a business proposal.

www.restaurantowner.com/public/DOWNLOAD_Restaurant_Business_  Offers a downloadable, detailed business plan template to customize, possibly other useful information.  Paid membership required.
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I need to write a business proposal for a restaurant in order to get money from an investor. I need to see some free samples so I can get some ideas. Can you help please
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What you want to do make is a business letter to open a restaurant instead of a proposal letter
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Proposal LettersDear SirRE: Counter Proposal of Business VentureThank you for your invaluable feedback on our recent proposal to the upgrading of your business systems. Trojan Technology is pleased to revise our earlier proposal to accommodate the several requests you made, as follows, for your further re-consideration of accepting Trojan’s proposal.Amendments to Proposal:1.1       Total proposal can be paid accordingly: 50% upon confirmed acceptance of proposal, 30% upon complete handover and 20% after completion of training & official launching.1.2       All equipment supplied by Trojan Technology shall enjoy a 5% discount off the retail prices.Trojan Technology Industry is pleased to make the above amendments. We look forward to receiving your confirmed acceptance of our counter proposal.Respectfully yours,Karl N. MurdockSales Manager
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Business proposals are basically indicative of what you want to do with your venture. Here is a link from where you can get information on how to write a business proposal for a small restaurant:
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Need a to wright a proposal to a warehouse so it can provide my new restaurant, any tips??
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Though not exactly the information you are looking for....The proposal will only be your first hurdle. Getting a loan for a restaurant can be very difficult, they are notoriously expensive and bad investments. Many lending institutions will not even touch them, you may likely have to go to private investors for your money. Many investors don't want to invest, unless they have some say in how things are run or if they get their money back in a specific time frame. Anyway that you go restaurants are difficult to operate efficiently and profitably, I hope that you have some experience in the field too. Any investors/lenders are going to want to see a background to support the investment. I suggest you may want to go in with a couple of samples of things you might put on the menu for your presentation. Good luck!
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hmm you didn't understand something. I didn't need a loan, I just need a proposal for a business. I don't need to do any investment accept buying food. The community will provide me with everything I need. By the way all those websites doesn't help me much. Thanks anyway.
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Than who are you writing this proposal for? Usually a proposal is written for investors or lenders as an introdution to what you wish to use their money for. It was a logical assumption... but you know what they say about assumptions. If you don't need any outside money, I don't know why you would need a proposal, you don't need one to go into business. Is this for a class? Then you would be practicing for when you did need outside resources and they are asking for a proposal.

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