How Can I Stay Focused On My Work Instead Of Procrastinating?


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I'll answer this tomorrow (LOL) I guess we can all procrastinate when tasks are unpleasant and boring. I don't know that work will be more fun if you get it done sooner, but it certainly feels better when you know you have accomplished a task.

If you can break up the task into a series of smaller tasks, it will be easier to do it one part at a time. Take a short break between each one. Stretch your legs, have a snack, anything that won't take too long. Then you can tackle the next part.

If there is something you would rather be doing, make that a goal or reward. "I won't be able to do that if I don't finish this." Make sure the environment is free of those things that tend to distract you. For myself, I find that some music in the background makes me more comfortable and able to work. I mean background music, not something loud, or something you want to dance to or sing along with. It works for me.
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I do it by setting myself a target to get something done, and follow it by giving myself some little reward if I achieve it. The trick is to make sure the target is achievable and not dependant on anyone else contributing.
Another thing would be to get a little competitive. Is someone else faster/better than you at the task? Make a little race of it, especially if the task is a tedious one.
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"Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow," said Mark Twain. Until recently, this summed me up perfectly: I spent a lot of my time thinking about reasons why I couldn't do something straight away, and by the time I'd come up with all the excuses, there was no time left anyway. I felt the years dwindling away and I still had the same dreams, and didn't feel any closer to achieving them.

But when I finally put my foot down and told myself "FIX THIS!" I found it really was possible to change. Setting goals – big and small – is a good start, and then you need to find ways to reach them, by using action plans and rewards. Lastly, by regularly reviewing and revising your goals, you'll be much more likely to get to your dream life. Why shouldn't you live the life you want?

You need something to aim for. Probably, you need quite a few things to aim for. Think about areas of your life you're not satisfied with, and consider how you'd like these to be different in the future. And then go a step beyond this, and visualize how your ideal life would look. Stay a little realistic – don't expect to be a billionaire by winning the lottery, for example – but do imagine yourself living in the kind of house you'd like best, working at a job you enjoy, and spending your free time doing all those things you've always wanted to do.

Now, the nice thing is that most of these things are achievable. It's just that most of us don't get organized and focused enough to actually achieve them. But that doesn't mean you have to be like most of us. Experts suggest that with clear, written goals, ordinary people can achieve a lot more than those without goals, even if the latter group are more talented. It's all about focus!

There's endless advice out there in books and on websites about how to set your goals, and the best method varies between individuals. Enter "goal setting" into an Internet search engine or browse in your bookshop and every man and his dog will be giving you advice on how to do it. Let me help out by simply telling you what worked best for me.
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I have mild A.D.D. And find sometimes better than others for staying focused. Yesterday was horrible. I must have started half dozen projects and could not stay focused long enough to finish any of them! Other times I have no trouble at all. I'm wondering if diet factors into A.D.D.? I think sugar must have a tremendous impact.
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I know what you mean! Anything full of math makes me wonder off! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who can't focus sometimes. :)
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If you have a list of equally important things to do, just take a deep breath, focus your energy, turn off the radio, and make a sprint at getting the hardest/most boring one done. Do or die.
Once that is done, the world will look so much brighter. Everything remaining becomes child's play, and you'll glide through them singing a tune.
"Whistle while you work.....Da dada!"
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I usually find myself procrastinating and putting of the parts of the job I dislike. So, I practice getting them out of the way first if possible. A lot of job functions don't include fun so I don't know how you'll have to be creative in incorporating fun into your job duties. You may want to play some motivational music if you are allowed to have music in your workplace that can be played at a volume that won't distract others. I worked with three others in a close setting and the music worked for us - all being in agreement with what we listened to.
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I totally know what you mean, i am practically the QUEEN of procrastination land. What helps me is having one place that I go to study, or do work. Don't have distractions around, such as the TV, your iPod, and don't even start surfing the web. Also TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONE! Don't text other people, because they might be trying to get their work done. If you don't want to turn it off, then put it on silent, just get away from it while you're working. If you still can't concentrate, then go to the nearest insane asylum, and ask if you can borrow one of their all white rooms with nothing in it.
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Make goals and stick to it as best you can, make sure you put enough (enough haha)effort and try hard at it. I'm sure you'll do fine
You may be suffering from undiagnosed attention deficit disorder. Talk to your doctor about the problems you are having and he may prescribe a mild stimulant that will turn your life around.

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