How can I focus just on my studies?


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Fortis Paradise answered

Eliminate distractions, and you can also use the Pomodoro technique.

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star gazing answered

Create a schedule by time that keeps you super busy- it will cut out all other distractions in life. Get off social media and just keep a couple apps you can use to actually contact people.

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Gokula krishnan answered

Meditation helps

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Leesa Johnson answered

You should choose the correct place for your studies where no distraction can distract you from your studies and create a time-table for your studies.

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avhie avhie answered

Always pray first, it really helps. Set your Visions. Focus on the things you need to do. As much as possible stay away from any distractions. Time management will do also. Manage your time wisely.

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Michael Poland answered

Desire to learn.

Jyotsna Sonavane Profile

Well..try to avoid the situations where you get distracted..and concentrate  & focus on your mere studies..create Time Table..Practice everyday after setting up the time for each subject..concentrate on weak subjects more..keep an icon of yourself whom you would like to be or be like that one in Future..which strongly helps you to focus on what you want to do...Rest All The Best.

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