What Are The Problems Faced By Educated Unemployed?


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Finding a job when there may not be any available in their area in their field. The jobs that they are able to find might not match their qualifications.

Having said that, they are in a better position that the uneducated unemployed as a greater range of opportunities would still be available to them.

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The biggest problem is running into a hiring agent/human resources officer that considers you over educated for the position being applied for .in other words you would be a threat to their bosses position.don't want to upset the apple cart.by hiring someone that can take your all you can eat buffet away from them.in other words they don't want to effect their paycheck by causing problems for their boss that approves their raises.i know but it has to be said : ). Sometimes the buddy system is the biggest problem.
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I don't really know. I have not been employed for over 25 years, but I am told that there are not many jobs available for anyone in my area, educated or not. Of course a college graduate can usually get a job pulling "Green chain" at the local mills, when they are operating.
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Yes,there are jobs every where .the problem is people are making more sitting at home on welfare than they would make working 40 hours or more. There is a lady where i buy my salty snacks that has 2 jobs and she is over 60 years old. She herself says yeah she could sit at home and collect disablity and social security but she would rather be doing someting.most of it dpends on the way the person is brought up i guess. My old boss worked a side job loading trucks for extra cash. Cont-
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I guess the biggest thing is some believe most working class jobs are beneath them until they realize they need the cash bad enough to keep a roof over their heads.
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I have a two year degree in business and a four year degree in history from a liberal arts college. I have worked as a machinist for 20 years or so...During this time no one that hired me ever even mentioned education...If you apply for a job such as dishwasher or some job considered unskilled and the person interviewing you does not have a college degree and you do. It can work against you in two ways.  One the manager don't want to hire somebody more qualified than themselves, and two they may think that even if they hire you. You will not stay because you will leave when something better comes along since you are clearly over qualified for the job you are applying for....
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I would chime in with my opinion, but I think Keithold, Nomad & Socrates pretty well covered it.

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