What Are The Challenges Faced By Educational Supervision And Inspection?


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There are number of challenges that schools and colleges face, because of educational supervision and inspection.
  • School and college inspectors face a challenge of their own as they are responsible for producing figures, that will include how the school is run, how well the teachers are doing, and how well classes of pupils and learners are doing. Inspectors also, look into the achievement of the school as a whole, and this is done by collating the information from inspections and analyzing the different areas that the school or college is proficient in, and those in which it can improve.
  • School inspectors are responsible for a wide range of subjects throughout their inspection, and the inspection needs to meet certain criterion. Some of these criterion include defining the qualities of the leadership of the school, and the relationship between the quality of the teaching taking place and the leadership thereof. The contribution of the bodies that govern the schools should also be looked into, as should the curriculum. The curriculum, should follow a certain pattern and certain subjects must be taught at all schools in the country. These subjects fall under different departments and these departments are all looked at individually and accessed as stand alone, before the results are placed into the final inspection documents, after analyzing.
  • The school's performance isn't simply based on the academic performance, but also takes into account the improvements made since the previous visit, the social inclusion within the school, and the way that teacher's performance is managed.
  • Graphs are often used to illustrate progress in the school and to compare certain subjects against others, giving a final report that is clear and concise, and easy for the school to follow, so that improvements can be made if needed.

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