What Is The Difference Between School Inspection And Supervision?


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This is simple. Inspection is there to judge and to point out all of the different problems that there are and areas that can be improved and supervision is the helping and the advice which is going to be given within the school.

  • Inspection
You can ensure that you are be able to tell the difference between the two as an inspection is just that. All of the different problems are going to be judged and are going to be noted to ensure that improvements can be made and that there are areas which are going to need to be addressed and fixed within the school.

  • Supervision
It is going to judge the different changes which are being made to ensure that the school is going to be as good as possible and is going to meet all of the different requirements which are in place for it.

If you need to know more on the different subjects then there are many sites online which are able to give you much more information on the two school inspections to ensure that you are going to be able to know what you can expect from both.

There is nothing stopping you from taking advantage from the different articles and information websites which are out there to help you and you are able to ensure that the school that you work for is going to meet everything that it needs to without there being too many problems.

They are not difficult concepts to understand and this is why you are not to worry when it comes to understanding them and being able to make the most out of what information you can find on them.
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Supervision is carried out continously while as inspection is done on predetemined periods
supervision is relative in terms of stardands since there r no bench marks while as inspection is 2 b done with an prio expected stardand
supervision is done daily ...inspection is periodic(not rutine)
inspection may be backed by a legistrative law while as supervion is not
(((the above are subject 2 discusion)))
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Literature in school inspection and supervision
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Supervision is a guide and mentorship, while inspection is fault finding.

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